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Best Times Mould & Plastic is a plastic injection mould manufacturing and custom plastic injection moulding company. The company has 15 years experience in the mould manufacturing and plastic moulding industry.Best Times Mould & Plastic was established in year 2007,which is located in Shenzhen city,Guangdong Province, China. 

Best Times Mould & Plastic Products Technology Ltd. covers a 6500 square meters factory with 130 staff. We have a professional engineering & manufacturing team with extensive experience in mould manufacturing and plastic injection molding field. We are equipped with precision CNC machining center, EDM, Mirror EDM,Wire EDM,Milling machine, Grinding machine to manufacturing high precision mould to meet our customers' requirements on cost, high quality, fast lead-time.

Best Times Mould & Plastic are also equipped with advanced plastic injection moulding machines from 60 Ton to 2500 Ton clamping force, including multi-shot injection molding machine for 2-shot & 3 shot injection molding.

Our team

At Best Times Mould & Plastic,We have the professional engineer teams and business teams, most of them have more than 10 years experience in mold-making industry and injection molding industry, especially for medical, electronics and automotive products.Our team include 10 mold designers, 2 quote engineers, 5 project engineers, 3 Q.C engineers, 8 sales specialists team with multi-languages capability to service our customers from USA, Canada, Germany, France, UK, Spain,Poland,Czech, etc.

Markets we serve

Best Times Mould & Plastic have been serving our customer from automotive, electronics, medical & labs., housewares, household appliance, telecomm., lighting, electrical, indutrial equipment, package, pipe fitting, sports & leisure, toys,motorcycle, cooking utensils, etc.

We are trusted by many customers from USA, Canada, Germany, France, UK, Spain,Poland,Czech,etc.. We are here to meet your needs for custom new projects & products.

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